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Jamf Data Policy

Automate, enforce and manage usage policies and data consumption.

Enforce consistent policies for better and more cost-effective management.

Device management requires more than just the basics, especially for businesses supporting remote and hybrid workers. Corporate mobile devices provide the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, but the rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. Even on personally enabled devices, non-business activity shouldn’t strain your data plan — or your acceptable usage policies for remote users.

Jamf Data Policy offers a new level of management capability. It takes the notion of policies even further and empowers organizations to enforce acceptable usage policies to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content — while also managing data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.

Data Policy features:

Data capping and alerts

Configure caps for when data usage thresholds are reached. Set up fully customizable, real-time alerts and notifications for all users and admins.

Content filtering

Set intelligent rules to ensure that only acceptable websites can be reached and that data usage is compliant, reducing legal exposure from illicit or non-compliant use.


Implement and enforce policies to manage data usage based on location. Allowing employees to travel and work anywhere, without incurring unexpected roaming fees.


Tackle rising data consumption creatively. Cut usage by compressing data in real time, without cutting performance or productivity.

Fully customizable

Set policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch devices from one policy setting to another with ease. Tailor policies for different device types or geographies.

Any device and ownership model

Accommodate all mobile and Windows 10 devices, allowing users to work with their preferred model in a way that is best for the business.

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